Work completed by Directors and Technicians with Specialised Training in Advance Techniques.

Integrated Colour Build up for Superior Aesthetics.

Five year guarantee on all restorations redeemable against faulty product only.

Cost of restoration includes:

  • Precision models
  • Alloy (up to 3gms per unit)
  • Porcelain butt margin

Working Days in the Laboratory

Crown and Bridge up to 6 units 5 days
Lava, e.max and Procera 8 days
Crown and Bridge over 6 units 10 days
Implants 10 days
Attachments and Combination Cases 10 days +


Five year guarantee on Chameleon Restorations, redeemable against faulty product only.

Cost of restoration includes Models, Alloy (up to 3gms per unit) and Porcelain butt margin.

Working Days in the Laboratory

Crown and Bridge up to 6 units 8 days
InCeram, TechnCeram Zr & e.max 10 days
Crown and Bridge over 6 units 12 days

Crown Preparation

Our technical team is able to provide guidance on the standard preparations for the different restorations available from the laboratory.

Before Crown Preparation
After Crown Preparation

Personal Shade Match

If you are coming for a Personal Shade Match, please read the following information before coming.

Personal Shade Match Information

This is a one to one consultation between the technician undertaking the ceramic work and the patient. A photograph is taken and an in depth shade analysis carried out. The patient is also able to discuss their concerns and requirements. The patient is encouraged to return to the laboratory after the restorations are made for a shade check. This is more critical where one tooth is being replaced.

The second visit can be very important as experience has shown it can minimise surgery time and stress at the fit appointment.

There is an appointment system for this extremely popular service and we recommend allowing up to four weeks for the initial appointment. The shade check appointments will be between one and two weeks after receipt of the work and undertaking the first appointment.

Please ensure that if your patient is bleaching their teeth this has been allowed to settle for at least seven days.

Also if they are attending a shade match immediately after the preparation appointment they should allow a minimum of two hours for the teeth to rehydrate before the shade can be taken.

Treatment Planning

Smile Design

This is an important area for all practitioners when setting out the patient’s options and acquiring their consent for the procedures to be undertaken.

We are happy to review study models and give a technical view on what can be produced for your patient. There is no charge for this service.

We also undertake Smile Design providing pre-operative models, achievable diagnostics using tooth coloured waxes and a preparation guide as required. This tool is a good communication aid for the patient, assisting in informed consent. Once the patient has agreed to the treatment the diagnostics can then be used to manufacture the temporaries.

All information is from a technical view only and is of course subject to your clinical appraisal when you consider your patient’s treatment plan.

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