Renishaw™ CAD/CAM

We are delighted to announce that we have been trialing the Renishaw™ CAD/CAM system for a number of weeks now and are pleased with the results. This CAD/CAM system allows the production of non-precious metal frameworks and zirconia frameworks with exceptional fit.

The reasons for looking at this system are to continue to provide quality workmanship whilst supplying the market with the more economic options they are demanding.

Incise Zirconia Frameworks

This system also produces Zirconia frameworks and is available to you and your patients’ at a competitive price when compared to other systems.

Remshaw CAD/CAM system

Please call a member of the Technical Team if you wish to discuss further or would like to see a demo model.

Porcelain Fused to Non Precious Metal

Zircona, High powered laser beam

Your patient’s impressions are cast and then the models are scanned using the latest CAD/CAM system. Renishaw™ then process the files and create a CAD/CAM framework using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS).

This involves building up each framework in a series of successive layers 0.02mm thick.

A high powered laser beam is focussed on a bed of powdered medical grade CoCr to fuse it into a solid layer. The layers are built up until the solid coping is complete. It is then finished and cleaned before sending to us for the porcelain layering.

Advantages of DMLS Frames:

  • Accuracy of fit
  • Pure certified medical grade Cobalt Chrome, free of nickel, beryllium and cadmium
  • Customised design with porcelain support
  • Light weight restorations
  • Substructure produced to ISO 13485-2003; final crown produced to ISO 9001-2008 and DAMAS standards
  • Economic option for you and your patients

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